My depression is getting worse!

In everyday society, we face so many struggles and challenges.  If you really think about it, it’s amazing that some of us really ever get out of the bed.  The constant barrage of these challenges and stressors can impact our mind, body, and spirit. This battle can also lead to depression for some of us, if you have challenges coping.  Depression impacts millions of folks each year and although symptoms may vary, the results can have negative, reverberating results that impact the quality of our lives.  We have got to do something about this mental health issue.

The first step is to start having conversations about depression and the impacts of this mental health issue.  Unfortunately, there is stigma around all mental health conditions and this stigma prevents people from having discussions about depression and the symptoms they may be experiencing.  Just imagine experiencing the sadness and lack of motivation associated with depression all alone.  This would mean never feeling supported by loved ones, friends, or colleagues.  Clearly, you can see how the stigma around mental health fuels the cycle of depression.  So, we need to converse with our medical provider, family, and friends about what we are experiencing.

Secondly, we have got to seek mental health support.  This could mean psychiatry, if we may benefit from some of the great medications available as an option.  In addition, we could also benefit from having ongoing support from a therapist, life coach, or spiritual counselor.  The mental health support could assist in providing a safe venue to share thoughts and feelings, receive affirming feedback, and gain guidance around building healthy coping skills.  At the very minimum, we could utilize self-help materials or group level support to enhance or current life situation.

Lastly, we have to find balance through utilizing these healthy coping skills to deal with the stressors of our lives.  One thing is certain; we will always have stress and situations that cause bouts of sadness. We have to ensure that when these rainy days come, we have a way to cope with them effectively.  These coping skills can range from positive self-talk, using a writing journal, or to working out regularly.  You have to decide what you can commit to and works best for your lifestyle. Regardless, you have to do something or your depression will only get worse.

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